Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Amazing Internet Map 2.0

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Recently Information Arquitects publish the fourth version of his Internet Map. We have seen this kind of maps before, but this seems more complete. Inside the map we can see the 333 most influential domains and the 111 most influential Internet people. Each domain is evaluated based on traffic, revenue, age and the company that owns it.

The iA design team assigns these selected domains to individual station on the Tokyo Metro map in ways that complement the characters of each. The station's height represents its domain's success; the station's width represents the stability of the company behind its domain.

Each domain is connected with one or more of this lines: Application (Google Earth, iPhone), publishing (PhotoBucket), Opinion, News (BBC, NYT), Identity (Twitter, Wordpress), Creative (Flickr), Consomption, BroadCasting (YouTube), Knowledge (Wikipedia), Advertisement (AdSense), Sharing (The Pirate Bay), Entertainment (FaceBook, MySpace), Filter (Google, StumpleUpon, Digg) and Money (PayPal, Amazon).

The big image version is available on Flickr. If you want to make suggestions or tips about how to improve this map, you can do it on his blog.

Via: Gizmodo.

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