Thursday, June 4, 2009

Twitrratr: Positive, negative and neutral Tweets

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Twitrratr gives us a different way to search tweets around Twitter. It detects if the Tweet is a positive, negative or neutral message.

You only need to write the keyword and Twitrratr will give you the results sorted inside three columns: positive, negative and neutral tweets:

It's not perfect, but it's an interesting way to see how good or bad people is tweeting about a specific topic or person.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Now Gmail suggests email recipients

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If you send continuously emails to more than two persons at once, this tool could be useful for you. Go to Google Labs and activate the widget "Suggest more recipients" and save changes. Now when you compose an email, after writing two recipients, Gmail will suggest more recipients based on your history.

If you do not have an Gmail account, do not wait more for sign up. It offers many advantages and allows you to use Google services like Google Reader, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google docs, and many more.

Via: LifeHacker.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Microsoft no longer offers free technical support for Windows XP

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Microsoft no longer offers free technical support for Windows XP Home Edition and Office 2003 users. Only the security updates will be distributed. This will affect companies that still sell computers with this operating system installed and, of course, to all users of this operating system.

I never used this service from Microsoft. When I have a problem with my operating system I look for information around the Internet.

Via: Download Squat.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

BackType: allows you to keep track of the comments made on the Internet

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BackType can centralize the comments made online. When a blog writes an article there are many comments around it. In some cases there are more comments in digg or twitter than the original website. BackType can help you to follow the comments and the commenters you like.

If you follow the comments from a certain person, this tool will help you to do it easier. You can follow his comments and see where does he gives his opinion.

The comments made for the people that you follow will be shown in the dashboard (Home) and will also be available via RSS.

Each comment can be shared, answered, sent via Twitter or you can get a permanent link to this one.

Link: BackType.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Animated Sorting Algorithms

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Sorting-Algorithms gives us an animation to illustrate how sorting algorithms work. An algorithm defines the steps to be taken to resolve a problem. Sorting algorithms, as its name suggests, aims to sort a number of elements. There are other pages that shows animations like this, but this one is the best I've seen.

Algorithms that includes the site are: Insertion, Selection, Bubble, Shell, Merge, Heap, Quick and Quick3.

Animated Sorting algorithms
We can vary the initial ordering of the elements, the can be: Random, nearly sorted, reversed or with few unique.

The webpage tries to show this:
  • How each algorithm operates
  • That there is no best sorting algorithm.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm.
  • That worse-case asymptotic behavior is not the deciding factor in choosing an algorithm.
  • That the initial condition (input order and key distribution) affects performance as much as the algorithm choice.

Link: Sorting-Algorithms.

Via: FeedMyApp.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to customize your new profile (2.0) in MySpace

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With the old MySpace profile we needed to look for css code in order to hide data inside our profile (list of friends, contacts, general information, etc). Now with the new version, it's easier to customize our page. If you don't like the result with the new version, you can restore the previous one.

If you have the old profile version, then click in "edit profile". You'll see the following message:

MyProfile: The new profile is here!... We have new designs and now you can change it directly from the site. Try it....

After visiting the link, press the button "Upgrade to 2.0". We'll see the page to configure our profile.

As shown above, we can modify the appearance and the modules that we want to show. I'll give you a short description of every element inside the appearance section:
  • Select theme: This is the easiest way to change the appearance. There are more than 90 themes.
    Configure MySpace
  • Change design: Here we select the page layout.
    MySpace layout
  • Advanced edition: Here you can change the background image from the page and the modules and the characteristics of the modules.
    Configuración avanzada de MySpace
  • CSS: Here we can insert the CSS code that many sites gives us (like PimpMyProfile).
    CSS en MySpace

In the Modules section we can add, modify or hide our content from our page.
modulos myspace

Hide the friends module:

Show the module:

There are other ways to do the same operation:

We can change the position of the modules, we only need to drag and drop them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tumblr: the easiest way to share your stuff

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Tumblr is a web tool that allows us to share text, images, sounds, videos, sentences, conversations or connections. The interface is extremely intuitive and you only required basic Internet surfing knowledge.

To register you'll need your e-mail address, password, and the nickname for your Internet address (i.e.

After this, you can start publishing.

In settings we can add our Twitter account. This enables you to post what you write in Tumblr into your Twitter account or viceversa.

In costumize you can add a brief blog description (you can use HTML tags) and the title, apply a theme, change colors, add updates from other blogs or RSS (shown below) and advanced options: include CSS code, number of posts per page, avoiding the promotion of Tumblr, allow it to be added to the search engines or send pings when you update your page.

In Tumblr you can follow other users, like Twitter. You'll receive updates from them into your Dashboard.

Web page: Tumblr.

Via: FeedMyApp.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Find freeware alternatives for popular software

Publicado por Admin en 12:25 PM 0 comentarios is a website where we'll find alternatives for web and desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Each program displays the number of registered users who likes the application, comments, freeware alternatives, recent Twitter messages, and much more.

This project requires the participation of its users. As registered user you can give suggestions, alternatives, comments, etc.

For registration, you need an OpenID . You already have an OpenID if you are registered in facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, Flickr, etc.

After you log in with your OpenID, you can register your details. Optionally you can include your website address and your Twitter account name.

As registered user you have a small profile, which show a link to your Twitter account and your website and your activity inside this page.

Web page:

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Now you can send your email with embed images with Gmail

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We have a new feature in Gmail. Now it's possible to embed images in our email. It was time to offer this service which it doesn't has science. You have this feature in Google Labs.

After enabling this feature we can write our mail with embedded images. The source of the image can be your computer or Internet address. If for example we are interested in adding an image from a webpage, simply copy the URL or location and paste it in the box:

Once inserted the image, we can resize it if needed. What is still lacking this feature it's the alignment with the text. Anyway, it's useful for illustrate our email.

Via: Mashable.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Digg improves his search engine

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We can, for example, specify the date the news were sent, the topic, the media type (news, image, video), the number of Diggs and the domain that we prefer to see news. Also shows a graphic where we can see how popular is the term.

We may also subscribe via RSS to search results we've achieved.

Via: TechCrunch.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Submit your vote in WebWare for the best web tools (2009)

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Like every year, CNET organized an event called WebWare. Here you can select your favorite web applications for this year. The categories are: audio and music, navigation, commerce, communication, and storage infrastructure, location-based services, photography and video, Productivity, Search and Reference, Social networks and publishing.

We have until April 30th to vote.

It's is a good opportunity to know what services are most popular. Surely we'll find there many web tools that we are currently using.

Website to vote: WebWare.

Technorati Profile

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SkysCraperPage: excellent collection of the larger buildings in the World

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Today I want to share with you this link: SkysCraperPage. This webpage offers us an excellent collection of the larger buildings that currently exist in the World. I liked the way they show them: put a picture of each one so that can be compared easily.

The larger buildings under construction:

World's Tallest Buildings (2009).

For the creation of these buildings it's required the active participation of many people. Cities now compete to be the tallest building, perhaps because it represents the technological development. A large building allows more people to work or live there and represents a tourist attraction.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Amazing Internet Map 2.0

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Recently Information Arquitects publish the fourth version of his Internet Map. We have seen this kind of maps before, but this seems more complete. Inside the map we can see the 333 most influential domains and the 111 most influential Internet people. Each domain is evaluated based on traffic, revenue, age and the company that owns it.

The iA design team assigns these selected domains to individual station on the Tokyo Metro map in ways that complement the characters of each. The station's height represents its domain's success; the station's width represents the stability of the company behind its domain.

Each domain is connected with one or more of this lines: Application (Google Earth, iPhone), publishing (PhotoBucket), Opinion, News (BBC, NYT), Identity (Twitter, Wordpress), Creative (Flickr), Consomption, BroadCasting (YouTube), Knowledge (Wikipedia), Advertisement (AdSense), Sharing (The Pirate Bay), Entertainment (FaceBook, MySpace), Filter (Google, StumpleUpon, Digg) and Money (PayPal, Amazon).

The big image version is available on Flickr. If you want to make suggestions or tips about how to improve this map, you can do it on his blog.

Via: Gizmodo.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Know if your computer is running malicious startup processes with ExeLibrary

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ExeLibrary is a web tool that allows to know more about the startup processes that run with Windows Operative Systems. We only need the name of the process to get a description and how can damage our computer.

The most important characteristic is that allows you to analyse your log files from HiJackThis. We only need to copy and paste the scan results into the web page. We'll get something like this:

Read more here: LifeHacker.

How much does it cost your webpage or blog?

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Stimator is a free tool that allow us to determine an approximate value of any website or blog. In the next image we see an example:

After the test Stimator give us a report:

It seems that big websites, like Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, etc., receives a higher value; while small pages are getting 200 dollars or less when the authors value them higher.

The generated value with this type of tools never will be the same that the author asign to his website.

Source: ToTheTech.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Web browsing increase productivity

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A new study made by University of Melbourne shows workers that periodically (less than 20 percent of their total time at work) use the Internet for personal reasons are more productive overall. The most popular activities are searching for information about products and reading online news sites.

Now you have a good reason for continue browsing the Internet. I've noticed that this is true for me. When I'm only focused on work I sometimes feel the wish of get a leasure time. Surfing the net is a pleasure after hours of work. But if you spend a lot of time on any leasure time then you don't get more pleasure, you get stress and are losing your time and energy.

The mission of this blog (Inside Internet) is to provide web content or sources that make you feel productive or increase your knowledge about the Internet. With your help I think that this will be possible. Have a nice day browsing!

Find more about: ReadWriteWeb

Alexa has changed his interface, now offers more info

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Now you can get more stats related to any website with Alexa. It's important to remember that this website store statistic information about the websites thanks to all the people who has installed his toolbar in their web browsers. The main changes in Alexa are shown in the next images:

Time on Site: now you can see how many time people expend in websites.

Pageviews/User: this allow you to compare or see how many clics gives the visitors inside an specific website.

Bounce Rate: Here you'll see if the visitors found what they were looking for or if they spend too many time inside the website.

Hot URLs: On the index, Alexa has include this section. There you can see what are the popular websites or the pages more visited right now. For example, we can see tha twitter is the most popular when I took this shot.

This are the main changes I saw the last time I visited Alexa.

Webpage: Alexa.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busuu: a community for people who wants to learn a new language

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There are a lot of sources for people interested in learn a foreign language. But the mayority of this websites only offer static information. If want to learn a new language we need to get involve and constantly practice. For example, I'm not a native English speaker but I do the best posible for improve my ability to speak, write or listen to English. One page that I found interesting for my porpouse is There we are able to interact with other people who wants to learn foreign languages. In this post I'll show you what you can do with an basic account.

Get new vocabulary. Here you can read a word writen, listen to his pronunciation and see a picture related with it.

Chat with people who speak the foreign language. You can use your microphone, webcame and keyboard to communicate with others here.

Write about something and people will correct your spelling.

See a video where it explains how to use Busuu.

Link: Busuu.

About Inside Internet

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Here I'll publish content related to Internet, Technology, Enternainment, Web Tools and links or free resources.

My name is Onasis and I'm from México. I want to practice my English writing and share with you interesting stuff.

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