Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busuu: a community for people who wants to learn a new language

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There are a lot of sources for people interested in learn a foreign language. But the mayority of this websites only offer static information. If want to learn a new language we need to get involve and constantly practice. For example, I'm not a native English speaker but I do the best posible for improve my ability to speak, write or listen to English. One page that I found interesting for my porpouse is There we are able to interact with other people who wants to learn foreign languages. In this post I'll show you what you can do with an basic account.

Get new vocabulary. Here you can read a word writen, listen to his pronunciation and see a picture related with it.

Chat with people who speak the foreign language. You can use your microphone, webcame and keyboard to communicate with others here.

Write about something and people will correct your spelling.

See a video where it explains how to use Busuu.

Link: Busuu.

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