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How to customize your new profile (2.0) in MySpace

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With the old MySpace profile we needed to look for css code in order to hide data inside our profile (list of friends, contacts, general information, etc). Now with the new version, it's easier to customize our page. If you don't like the result with the new version, you can restore the previous one.

If you have the old profile version, then click in "edit profile". You'll see the following message:

MyProfile: The new profile is here!... We have new designs and now you can change it directly from the site. Try it....

After visiting the link, press the button "Upgrade to 2.0". We'll see the page to configure our profile.

As shown above, we can modify the appearance and the modules that we want to show. I'll give you a short description of every element inside the appearance section:
  • Select theme: This is the easiest way to change the appearance. There are more than 90 themes.
    Configure MySpace
  • Change design: Here we select the page layout.
    MySpace layout
  • Advanced edition: Here you can change the background image from the page and the modules and the characteristics of the modules.
    Configuración avanzada de MySpace
  • CSS: Here we can insert the CSS code that many sites gives us (like PimpMyProfile).
    CSS en MySpace

In the Modules section we can add, modify or hide our content from our page.
modulos myspace

Hide the friends module:

Show the module:

There are other ways to do the same operation:

We can change the position of the modules, we only need to drag and drop them.

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