Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tumblr: the easiest way to share your stuff

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Tumblr is a web tool that allows us to share text, images, sounds, videos, sentences, conversations or connections. The interface is extremely intuitive and you only required basic Internet surfing knowledge.

To register you'll need your e-mail address, password, and the nickname for your Internet address (i.e.

After this, you can start publishing.

In settings we can add our Twitter account. This enables you to post what you write in Tumblr into your Twitter account or viceversa.

In costumize you can add a brief blog description (you can use HTML tags) and the title, apply a theme, change colors, add updates from other blogs or RSS (shown below) and advanced options: include CSS code, number of posts per page, avoiding the promotion of Tumblr, allow it to be added to the search engines or send pings when you update your page.

In Tumblr you can follow other users, like Twitter. You'll receive updates from them into your Dashboard.

Web page: Tumblr.

Via: FeedMyApp.

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